Match Your Personality With Blazer

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Match Your Personality With Blazer

A suit is a must-have in a corporate executive’s wardrobe. For you who aren’t an executive, a suit is too perfect a choice, a great alternative to the usual tuxedo.

Many companies these days require their employees to wear corporate clothing, or so-called dress suits. Nothing is cooler than aTraditional work suit. It is the perfect choice for a guy in his mid-20s who wants to leave a fashion statement at work.

Your big question is: “Ok, I’m clearly stylish but I don’t have to wear a suit?” my answer: The best types of suits are the black and dark blue variety. They are the most classic. You can’t go wrong with suits!

A suit will help you create a stylish vibe in any occasion Match Your.

Professional, Friendly, Work-Esteemed etc. The list is endless. Suits can be worn for dinners, as business casual or as attendee uniform. Any occasion is a valid excuse to don a suit.

Here are 5 reasons why a blazer is the ideal choice for your next corporate event:

1. Blazer matches best to shirts – Even if you have a wild personality, the classic blazer/ladies shirt combination is a sure-kill. As long as you wear a single color and it is a grass-colored or pinstripe it will match well. You don’t have to be too funky since business events are serious business places. A classic blazer/ortal tux shirt combo is a safe bet. I think it comes in at #7 on the list of reasons why blazers are a smart choice.

2. Don’t go to far with blazers – A full cut blazer can be used in a variety of ways. By aligning yourself with the corporate culture you want to portray and make an impact you only want to make the right impression. I say start with the fit and #1 run down the list of what you are wearing. Go only with garments that do stand out in the all navy blazer wear. However, ask the sales clerk/man about anything Match Your technical that you may need to know. They are there to help you and if they are wrong, who knows? They are there to sell you blazers and they will be more than happy to help you look good.

3. Get the right blazer for the right Match Your look – Wear a blazer with the right shirt for the right look. Choose a shirt that is clean and white with a button-down. Most corporate shirts are. Avoid ties, after five (5) hours they can be terribly harsh. Keep your blazer unbuttoned and situated just below your suit jacket.

4. A classic blazer is a great bridge to vintage or modern -Depending on your budget and personal taste you can go modern or vintage with your blazer. A classic blazer can be paired with a number of items from denims Match Your to a sheath to a silk button down to a classic white shirt and a crisp single-cuff top. You are in Match Your control of your own look. Whatever you choose to wear (or what color) go with what works best for you. Be true to you and your personality.

5. Unless you are age 55, don’t ever wear Match Your blazers with shorts -It will make you look like you’re trying too hard.

Of course, the other 21 days can be Match Your spent doing absolutely anything except exercising or doing whatever you have planned for that upcoming presentation – but that’s not the point of this post. To take your fashion-forward self-esteem and literally “power up” the power of the suit to help you resist the “organic” enemy thatyour professional stationed next door – wet are the depths to which your quest may lead you! สล็อตเว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์

And if you’re wearing a blazer, you can always do a double take and check out the business casual clothing section just to see they just might call your office foul.

Just don’t do it at the end of the year when the suit season is over. It’s a sign of sheer resilience and will help you live longer, buy more shoes, and resin your optimism to fly high.